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    Seed with no Shell

    book / editorial


    I was in charge of the editorial design of “Seed with no Shell”, the portfolio of sculptor Masaya Hashimoto published by Osaka-based Monde Books in April, 2012.
    I designed the advertising materials of the exhibition “From the Seed with no Shell” held in Monde Books in 2011. (Held ahead of the publication of the book.)
    I was deeply impressed when I first read his original draft of this book. Masaya Hashimoto’s emotions poured into his work, his own story of encounter with a deer which lead him to the inspiration for his creations, the strained feeing and the beauty emitted from the works, were all so overwhelming.
    As I felt these were all perfect themselves, I mainly focused on searching for a simple format to suit these contents, not doing any special work as a graphic designer. I met with Masaya Hashimoto and Mr.Katagiri, the representative of Monde Booka, many times and talked repeatedly and shared thoughts together.
    In my selection of paper and a method of printing, I received huge support from Ms.Tsukiyama from Asahi Seihan Printing.
    The photographs, taken by Tadayuki Minamoto, are also beautiful, capturing the essence of the pieces from the core.
    I believe the beauty of the finished article is due to a combination of all these elements.

    design: yosuke okita
    print: asahi seihan printing co., ltd.
    client: monde books