• ※Works in my former workplace graf (a design studio)

    Rokko Meets Art Art-Walking 2010

    graphics, logo mark, vi, web


    I participated in the contemporary art exhibition “Rokko Meets Art: Art Walking 2010” as an art director.
    The exhibition was held on Rokko Mountain, from Sep 18, to Nov 23, 2010. Visitors were able to enjoy this unique exhibition of art works from about 40 artists, brought together by public selections and invitations, at the same time as enjoying the natural surroundings on Mt. Rokko.
    My direction works ranged from logo design to poster design, throughout other graphic forms including flyers, tickets, and the website. I decided to use some images inspired by the concept of the exhibition, “Enjoy art works and feel the beautiful nature of Rokko, with your five sense.” I developed these images into graphic designs, which would be accepted by all and meet everyone’s tastes.
    In addition, I managed the art direction of the logo and various graphic materials of “Rokko Shidare”, a nature observation deck opened in July 2010.

    creative direction: takashi matsui (graf)
    art direction: yosuke okita
    design: saburo sakata
    client: Hanshin Sogo-leasure Co., Ltd.