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    Atsunobu Katagiri “Spring / Waterfall”



    In March, 2011, a huge waterfall of cherry blossom, “Spring / Waterfall” appeared in the lobby of Raku Kichizaemon building at Sagawa Art Museum.
    I designed the flyer and the postcard for this piece.
    Composed of approximately 30,000 cherry blossom branches and about 7 meters in height, this magnificent installation was made by the flower arrangement artist, Atsunobu Katagiri.
    Bathing in the sun light filtering through from the opening in the ceiling of the colonnade, this still installation might have washed away people’s wounded heart, caused by the disaster of the 3.11 East Japan great earthquake, just like a real waterfall.
    Moreover, it might have brought a temporary spring in their heart.

    design: yosuke okita
    photo: tadayuki minamoto
    client: Atsunobu Katagiri