• ※Works in my former workplace graf (a design studio)

    Narrative ‘11

    graphics, posters


    Using "Tools for living" as a concept, graf designed their original furniture series "Narrative".  I was in charge of the art direction of the PR materials from “Narrative 11”, the new products released in 2011.
    “Narrative 11” was based around the word “gathering” as their theme. Constituting a 2 poster set,one of which utilized a series of photographs of  people's daily lives. I did this to show the philosophy of this furniture series clearly, which is defined as “Furniture is not a main character itself, but is a stage on which to meet with people and cultivate a relationship with them, and to become a starting point for a new story to be born.”
    I believe that by traveling for several days together with the photographer and visiting people in their usual lives, we were able to communicate the  furniture designer’s pure feelings in the visual image.

    creative direction: takashi matsui (graf)
    art direction: yosuke okita
    design: yosuke okita, yusuke akai (graf)