• ※Works in my former workplace graf (a design studio)

    Namaiki Exhibition “Kinky Muff Land”

    exhibition curation


    I was in charge of the curation and planning of “Namaiki” ’s exhibition “Kinky Muff Land” performed at graf media gm in 2007.
    “Namaiki” is an artist unit which I admired very much in those days. It is formed of 2 members, Michael Frank from the UK and David Duval Smith from NZ and the create free-minded psychedelic art pieces.
    When we first approached them to work together with us for the exhibition, they answered that they are only interested in plants. Therefore the project started as a new attempt for them and we also jumped on their new challenge.
    As they were less interested in exhibiting inside the building, they requested to change the concrete smoking area on the 5F of the graf building into a garden with a "perma culture".
    The creation process involved many people, planning, traveling, laughing and drinking together. It would not be too much to say that the process itself is the embodiment of their philosophy.
    With the potential nature possess, this exhibition carried a lot of suggestions about the tendency of Japanese people’s lives to be heavily influenced by the time and effort spent working.

    ※ “graf media gm” used be a section of art & culture of graf company. Though they performed many highly originality projects in graf, “graf media gm” separated from graf and became independent as “gm projects”. I was the member of “graf media gm” from 2005 through 2009.