• ※Works in my former workplace graf (a design studio)

    Soil and Peace Festival 2009



    “Soil and Peace Festival” is a harvest festival to thank the earth, performed every autumn in Hibiya Park, Tokyo. I participated in this festival in 2009 as an art director of the festival’s PR materials.
    Although the festival includes events such as a farmers’ market, public talk sessions and open-air concerts, the main subject is to think about “An agricultural way of life”. Therefore, as a main visual of the PR materials, I used an image of “Hyottoko (a man with a clownish mask)” which has been the symbol of the harvest festival in Japan for a long time. As I designed this “Hyottoko” by combining simple graphic factors similar to “Fukuwarai (Japanese traditional game like “pin the tail on the donkey”)”, I changed those factors into various forms and used them for the decoration of the venue and also for other PR materials.

    art direction: yosuke okita
    design: saburo sakata
    space decoration: hideki toyoshima(gm projects)
    client: tanemakidaisakusen executive commitee