• ※Works in my former workplace graf (a design studio)

    lis khros

    art direction

    2010 - 2013

    “haco.” is a fashionable mail-order catalog published by a Kobe-based direct marketing company FELISSIMO CORPORATION. I was in charge of the art direction of a fashion brand “lis khros” in “haco.” , from the spring issue, 2010  (haco.23) to the spring issue, 2013 (haco.34).
    As its brand image, “lis khros” has an unconventional woman who lives freely transcending every generation and cultures. To express its exceptional view of world, I worked together with many professional people from different backgrounds each season. This working process was just like creating a film,  and I felt like I was working in film production. One of the characteristics of this brand image I created was the use of large-scale sets and interiors built by a woodwork craftsman and a coordinator from graf, matching theme proposed each season.
    Fashion is a field which tends to focus more on the sensitive and abstract feelings such as “the feeling of air” or “admiration”, rather than logical ways of thinking. Therefore I felt this was a challenging project as a designer, however I relished the challenge and loved the great team work, which kept developing every issue we worked on.

    art direction: yosuke okita
    client: felissimo corporation